The Random Thoughts of a Housewife

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Blessing of life... dont waste it.

As i sit here and write my mother is in an ICU unit across town. At any minute the infection in her lungs can spread to her blood and kill her. At this hour I am forced to look at the life she has lead, a life truly wasted. Growing up in a privledged family didnt inspire her to create that kind of life for her children, it inspired her to rebel, to make life a party. Simple things she couldnt do without the aid of drugs. She spent my entire childhood in the back bedroom getting high. Adultry, stealing, it was like she went down the list of ten commandments and broke them one by one.

Now I'm not trying to get pity, oh we had a bad childhood, my brother and i raised each other. In fact, far from it. I look at my mother's wasted life and see how to live mine-the polar opposite. Be good to your children. Wake up and ask yourself "How can i make my husbands life better today?" Teach my daughter how to cook and my son how to treat a woman. Greet everyone warmly, and with cookies when applicable. :) In a way, my mother's life wasn't a complete waste, because it showed me how to live my own. And if, by some miracle she pulls out of this without becoming a vegetable, i plan on donning my apron, inviting her over for brunch and showing her what kind of daughter she raised by accident.