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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

taking a break

sneaking on here to take a break from the millions of things i should be doing on this, the day of christmas eve. One year ago today my husband proposed to me :) better late than never i guess, since i was 4 months pregnant :insert eye roll here:. For the whole year last year i spent every major holiday and milestone thinking "is this going to be the day he proposes to me??" so he waited till christmas eve. it was cute though! i love him.

christmas party tonight with the large italian side of my family. its the most stressful part of the holidays. they are all so rich and gorgeous with big fake boobs, and i spend the whole time faking my way through conversations that try to make me seem educated and a hell of a lot older than 21. oh and i didnt mention that i spend the whole night listening to my grandma badmouth my mom AND dad (her own son) in broken english. that= not fun. and my brother isnt goin to these functions anymore so i dont even have the solace of hiding with him in the corner making fun of everyone. whats a girl to do???

well, kids are crying. better get off here and perform some motherly duties. cant wait to play santa tonight which means chowing down all the butterscotch walnut cookies we made this morning. YUM!



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