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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Last year the resolutions were the same.... manage money better, make time for my poor neglected husband, keep a cleaner house... etc etc. (except the losing weight one we have added this year, last year i was 5 months pregnant ringing in the new year)

Sadly, not much has changed. Every time throughout the year, as my desk is cluttered with paperwork, we spend another friday night knee deep in laundry and children and bills (and not in each others arms) i would look back at the resolutions i have made on that night and sigh, think a sad little thought of what could be, then wipe the breastmilk off that had run down my all-too-chunky stomach while i was lost in throught.

Not this year. this year there are No Resolutions. i have thought about it, i have even silently made myself these little promises already this year. Well now its all off. i no longer have resolutions. that way, when i inevitably break them, i will not be disappointed. I will go through the year and when i dont lose 20 lbs, or keep a cleaner house, or make a biweekly standing date with my dear husband i will not be failing at a resolution. but when i DO get something accomplished off of my ever-long list of self improvement i can do a happy dance and not feel like i was doing it to make a resolution true, but to better myself and my life. Why make promises you cant keep?? I prefer small, silent goals that push me in the direction of a better me. so no full blown resolutions this year. just gonna go with the flow, wherever that may take me.

Ending thought- Where are Max and Rubys parents?? Freakin orphan bunnies.


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