The Random Thoughts of a Housewife

Friday, November 21, 2008

The beginning of this thing.

My husband would laugh at me if he knew i had this. But when you spend all day with kids and kids and kids you need an outlet, or you just might lock yourself in the closet with a bottle of Jack Daniels. This shall be my savior.

Let me introduce myself. I am Jessica, I am married to my wonderful husband Derek, and we have a daughter- Mariah- who will be 4 on december 5th, and a son- Aiden- who will be one on May 5th, and who is currently trying to get my pancakes. My children are the apple of my eye, they are my world. But sometimes, in between making glitter picture frames and changing a poop blowout, i need adult time. Doesnt everyone?

So, readers, (if i have any!) be prepared for some sadly less- than- witty ramblings about my day, my wants, my needs, my desires, my lack of adventures and my overall life as a housewife. GLAMOROUS, I KNOW.

with love,